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This ring is not bad if you're going for a low weight build that doesn't shield and focuses on dodging. I used it early on, thinking I was gonna ditch, ended up not ditching it. Although, it does need a bit of a buff, at least indirectly. It should definitely subtract it's own weight, and be a little more lenient. The game itself also just needs to incentivise having lower equip load. There aren't really many reasons to lower your equip load, except for more iframes, and dragons. Also, bundling this ring onto elemental weapons with a clutch weapon can be nice. Especially if the weapon is also buffable(like dragonslayer's axe, and drakeblood sword).
No bro, iframes are 13 under 30% and over 30% too, you literally just roll further. That is the only bonus of going under 30 vs under 70.
To add to that, i frames are the same between 6
70% and 100% it's just the recovery and startup which is bad for fat rolling
Odd bug, equipped the ring with gear and got bonus, removed all my gear except ring and the bonus disappeared, re-equipped gear and still zero bonus... found it odd that i had 40% weight and received a ar boost, however reducing my inventory to a ring only gave 0 ar boost and stayed that way even after pushing the equip load back up. seems this ring has a mind of its own and doesn't like to reset or something.
Needs to be changed to be like the ring of blades from DS2, just only applying at 30% load or less. The problem with increasing weapon damage by a percentage is it only takes the weapon base damage into consideration instead for your base damage + scaling damage. If it was based off total (unbuffeted) weapon AR this wouldn't be so useless. It also needs to be load percent as opposed to load value.
What is this weight relation? It boosts my damage output. &%66 loaded.
i have equiped: Robe of Prayer, Firekeeper Gloves, Deserter Trousers, Ragged Mask;
Chaosblade, Caestus;
Hunters Ring, Untrue Dark Ring, Chlorantie Ring, Flynn´s Ring
That meens an equipmentload of 18.1

The Flynn´s Ring boosts the dmg of my Chaosblade by 21 points. like its Chaosblade +11^^ seems worth it IMO
And my UGS does 650 damage without the flynn.
And your UGS is slow as ***** and easy to punish. Just please stop comparing brand different things.
With +2 raw broadsword, equip load 20% (with this ring) on SL1 I get a boost from 180 to 197. I think it's worth it. It seems to work properly on low lvl runs and raw weapons.
update - sl1 raw broadsword +10. I get a boost from 321 to 352 with 20% equip load.
Is it equipload, or total weight?
Read for ***** sake...
Did you read anything about the ring?
this is bull*****cuz you have to be at least naked to get the 15% damage bonus
It's ridiculous, this ring became complete *******. There are so many things in DS3 that are almost completely useless... and yet, almost everyone is still moaning about DS2.
I don't get the downvotes... Maybe the usual fanboys that saw a bad word so they just immediately thought this was a*****post like the permanent butthurt they hide to be.
It's just the truth. The ring's effect description is completely deceptive and even true glasscannons won't use this as there are so many different and better options than this. Everything that goes beyond dual weilding swords' weight start to make this ring useless.
If you don't plan to use a dragon build with something bigger than a straight sword, forget that this ring even exist. It's just the way it is
they should've kept it the way it was before
Dude just git gut
Found this useful on a dagger type build. Just keep the weight at most 24% and you will find significant DPS boost
Lol that is just stupid. Period.
the current damage boost scaling is 0 at 30 weight, 4-5 at 20 weight, 8~ at 10 weight, and the full 15 at 0-1 weight. this makes it borderline useless for any build that doesnt completely forgo armor and only uses light weapons
instead I'd change the scaling to something like 0% damage buff above 50 weight, 4% damage buff between 30-50 weight, and then scaling down would go from 4-8% between 30-20 weight, 8-12 between 20-10 weight, and 12-16% between 10-0 weight
this way the ring is still somewhat viable for light armor builds (granting almost 10% increased damage) but has diminished returns for higher weight builds (though not being useless)
I'd also cut the weight of the ring down from 0.9 to 0.5 so that it contributes less to its own scaling