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for some reason the quest won't update and complete itself for me , at the very end after justinia bashes through the door and i can choose to kill her or let her go. I chose to call her a traitor and she tries to justify her actions and attacks me and then i kill her, the quest stays open. it says deathfog rising : "isbeil is dead but the mad queen is still at large" but then under it, is dwarven politics (closed) : "queen justinia is dead" so the subquest closed, but the main quest doesn't seem to recognize that I killed her and it stays open
never mind, I was supposed to interact with the doomsday device and choose one of the options. I originally ignored it because I assumed that clicking on the handle would release the fog into arx. I had no idea that it would bring up a dialogue box giving me the option to destroy the machine or redirect the fog instead. would have been nice if the game put the quest marker on the machine instead of justinia's exploded source drained corpse. . .
So, I found out why. You have to use the machine of the Deathfog where you kill Isbeil. Once you use it, you can decide if you`ll destroy it or liberate the deathfog in arx or in the sea. I decide to destroy it, if you do too...run hahaha
I had this quest break on me, leaving all my people in the pit stunned. I may have sat there an awkwardly long time waiting for the game to do something before I noticed it was broken.
74,925 xp for killing Justina in DE.