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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Why does the page say "Barbed Straight Sword +5" in the stats box?
It doesn’t say that for me. Maybe your phones (or PC) browser had an error while loading this page?
Does this weapon have disjoint stat scaling? Like, the physical damage increases with STR, and the lightning damage increases with DEX, something like that?
Str and Dex scale the physical. lightning does not scale
Stop!... Stop it!... Stop, hurting me!!
How good is this weapon in pvp?
Really really really good
It's great for range. However damage is lack luster, so don't expect an easy victory. Great for tactical play and whittling down a foes health.
Actually is not "enchantable" As this page says



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Tested and fixed it.
Best weapon for me for pve with quality build (40 dex 40 str), good range, lightning damage, hit fast and stun ennemies pretty easily.
if you do a turtle-poke build with this weapon + eagle shield + stone armor you can become gamebreakingly op with like only 30 minutes of playthrough
Is the scaling better than just using a Lightning (or Chaos) Pike on a 50 Strength build? I'm doing a Turtle Havel build and these seem to be the best weapons outside of going for a Demon Greataxe or Zweihander...