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Artillery AND Agitator secret in one set! Get ready to cause some Rage-worthy explosions, Gunlancers!
I haven't done the optional mission yet, but does Raging Brachydios have crowns?
as of his release currently no.. he cannot be captured either and he has currently one set size no tempered form either and can only be fought in his special mission ...and my rage for all. hopefully later on capcom will update him and furious rajang to be normal monsters in the guiding lands
IS his gunlance better than safijiva
Yes. He gives Wide 7. That automatically makes it better. It's slottage also isn't much worse (4 and 3) compared to Safi's maximum of 4 and 4. It has higher base blast attack too, comparable raw, and a decent chunk of sharpness before yellow. Technically, he loses out on the 0% affinity, and the fact that through awakening, Safi's Gunlances have variable status and better sharpness (since purple doesn't actually matter for gunlance, at least not as much as other weapons). But in the end, Wide 7 is absolutely insane. It beats LONG 6 in charged shells (I think), which tells you just how powerful it gets with Artillery 5, which his armor gives. In the time frame difference between a Safi Gunlance falling to Yellow, and Lightbreak falling to yellow, with the same builds, Lightbreak fits in FAR more damage. It's also still quite comfortable. Even where it does lose, it doesn't lose by much.


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I call him Kacchan.
And I call the normal one "Kach"
Took me 33 kills and unknown number of fails to craft all 5armor/14weapons/2charms.
the ground headbutt attach and leave a trail of slime that appears (unfairly in my opinion) to track you, even with evade extender and jump extender i've still been hit by the attack that has seemed to follow me several times. i'm not sure if it does track you, but it does seem very much the case.