Shisenin Kosen from Opening of the Mind's Eye drops the smithing text for the almighty wooden sword
Tsukuhara boden dropped the wooden sword smithing text for me.
Farmed Yoshitatsu 10 times on NG+ and got several varied drops. Tokagemaru, Udoto, Barbarian's Hatchets, Genryu's Armor set and Merchant's armor set I remember for sure, as well as the katana skill book 'Dragon Fang' and the odachi skill book "Dragon Horn'. Farmed in the map "Point of no Return". Imagawa Yoshimoto dropped the White Bone Spirit Tonfas, Evil-Crusher Switchglaive, Master's Archer Bow, 'Punish the Proud' skill book for dual swords and the 'Windswept' skill book for switchglaive. The rest of the "Golden Boy" set is implied but I've yet to get the swords or armor. Farmed in "Imagawa Diehard". Obsidian Samurai drops Gozutenno's Axe, Starcutter Sword, and the Obsidian Samurai armor set so far, and Honda Tadakatsu drops the Tombokiri spear and Warrior of the East armor set. No luck with skills from either. Also obtained the wooden spear from the Dojo quest "Hanzo the Demon". Seems pretty evident looking at other replies that a number of items like corrupted weapons are shared across many drop pools and not specific to a single enemy / boss necessarily.
Can confirm you get the armor and dual weapons smithing text from imagawa. Drops for texts seems higher in main missions than the smaller ones, but I still got a few from him in Imagawa Diehard, including both of his unique moves.
So does the master archer armor smithing set actually drop from imagawa yoshimoto? 60+ plus tries here and nothing...got a lot of smitjing texts inclunding bitj skill books but no armor text...



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Got his armor text from the second fight. I think it’s a higher drop rate doing his fight in the main story mission than the side mission. Been having the same issues getting him do drop the text for his bow.
I can also confirm imagawa yoshomoto drops all of the corrupted weapon smithing texts...
Been farming Saito Yoshitatsu in point of no return for skill drops and got these smithing texts: - merchant armor - genryu armor - torch spear - barbarian hatchets - seething dragon - bonepile spear - udoto - tokagemaru
Been looking for genmei onmyo mage smithing text does anyone know where to get it?
Its a reward for clearing "The Nine Symbols" on Dream of the Strong.
This is not complete list tbh with all these text u have 56% Smithing texts Sanada Crimson and One Eyed dragon drops on Otakemaru ( Final Boss) and 20 other texts
What about the raikiri sword smithing text? Does it exist? If so does anyone know where it drops?
It drops from Shuten Doji
Raikiri dropped from Daidara Bocchi for me, the weird castle boss.
Thank you friend.
Yoshiies Birthright : Heavy armour text. Drops from the boss of the Golden Palace