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If you are playing a female this set basically turns you male while wearing it
The arms seems to have some clipping issues. I hope From Software will fix it though.


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This body piece goes with so much its crazy.

And yes it can allow you to make Guts more accurately than ever before, but it also can be used for a variety of other fashion uses too its just a really nice looking body armor.
For a guts cosplay the Sellsword armor looks more similar
Anyone can tip me for a good pair of gauntles to pair with this chest ?
Something to keep the "swag" ,no skin showed and some nice stats (ok with the fashion,but some defense and damage absorption are welcome).
Thanks in advance for your replies.
Try Mirrah Chain Gloves :)
I'm no professional, but fallen knight gauntlets might be good.
The weight to defense ratio isn't to great, but it looks pretty good and I guess that is whats most important!
Aesthetics > Stats
The cape is wicked cool but now they've made my arrows invisible.
I can't be the only one that likes to show off equipped arrows...
Wear with chain leggings to look fabulous and compensate for low slash/thrust defense.
and use karla pointed hat for that awesome sorcerer look
It looks so much like Guts' armor haha.