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his only sin was to have this sword
Poor Yulia
Thank you internet funny man
should i infuse uchigatana and if so with what
I usually upgrade it the normal path, because of scaling
best weapon in the game
Only thing that bothers me is the way character wears scabbard. Blade should be pointing up, like real samurai used to carry them.



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Best way to deal with a real samurai is put six rounds in his chest cavity, which is why samurai aren't real heroes.
Fixed in Bloodborne and Dark Souls III.
For reference: Heavily-armored samurai would need the curve of the blade pointing down, so that they can draw the sword without lifting their arm too much. Lightly-armored/plain clothes samurai have the curve of the blade pointing up, because they pin the scabbard with their clothes, and if the curve is pointing down, they would have to draw the blade up above their head. If you look at the moveset video, the blade curve is pointing down, similar to what armored-samurai would do, thus this is actually the correct way to wear it, unless you're a child-mask wearing ninja. In that case the scabbard wearing method is indeed wrong.
If you're doing a dex build, which is better, this or Balder side sword?
Depends what u want, uchi has bleed but balder has straight sword moveset which is better. Balder is also a bit lighter and requires less str.
I would not recommend katanas for PvP though
Lol, at 40 Dex the AR is 420.
Smoke weeb everyday
I can't upgrade my uchikatana past +6 because it doesn't apear in Andre's menu. Is ths a bug? pls help
If you can't upgrade to +6 and above its because you haven't ascended the weapon yet. Requires large ember and large titanite shards. If you already have modified/ascended it already, check to make sure you didnt do the wrong ascension. Some limit you at +5 ascension. If its really like you say and you are at +6 and cant go higher, double check to see if its just not highlighted because you don't have the required materials. Otherwise that would be a bug...
this weapon is so*****