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Youcan accually summan sirris for curse rott IF you go there later in the game and complete her questline
Crystal Sage can be cheesed with the rapid hit weapon art of the Frayed Blade. It procs bleed every hit. It even stunlocks the sage in the Grand Archives.
it's easy not to die in this game, just don't get hit, scrubs
Pretty much
skyrim is better.


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How do you get Gael as a summon for the demon princesses
Im pretty sure his summon sign is just there once you ember
I'm not sure but I think you need to beat Sister Freide
How can I make 2 bosses fight each other like some videos on youtube about nameless king vs midir
That’s a mod
I’m exo-pyro message me on play station for assistance
How do you noclip in this game? does anyone know?
CE most likely
Dragonslayer Armour can also bei parried in 2. Phase Düring several moves.