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There's that cage spider you can talk to
If can i have acces to yoel in ng+ if i killed him in ng?
The entire game resets at every NG+ except for the addition of some new upgraded rings. The player character doesn't, though, except for losing the dark sigils, keys and the like. Since you keep your hollowing level it makes it easier to get the five free levels in NG+ since you don't have to die in between levels having the hollowing requirement already.
The real NPCs are the guys who think saying "git gud" is still funny
git gud
Dang bro you went off on that one
I never once said it to be funny. I only say it because it's accurate.
Git gud...In short try finger, but hole.


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damn bro you got the whole squad laughing
but it doesn,t say how u summon them
im in confusion?
can somoen say hi
wheres anri of astora
You first find her in the road of sacrifice
I ok
Hey uh, has anyone found this guy before? cause i have.