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Midir is most weak to physical damage, he is resistant to all magic elements with lightning being the least resisted element. Thrust and Abyssal Retardant are the way to go. If you buff, use lightning. Always aim for the head, the tail isn't a weak point. Here's a link to tested damage on Midir:
Need mob of people for midir NG+. XBOX NO PASSWORD
Its easyer to fight him on your own, only do heavy to the head, stay close and dodge attacks, I did this with a lightning claymore and it did very well.
> weak to lightning Hollow Onikiri and Ubadachi +10 unbuffed at 40/40/33 in a single dual combo could deal twice the damage of Dragonslayer Swordspear +5 with weapon art active at 40/40/30... i'm not using wolf curved GS or pontiff eyes
whoever designed the crystal Florida gator on methamphetamine needs to get fired from Fromsoft