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this weapon IS NOT enchantable
Sad how I had to read the comments to figure out why I couldn’t enchant it. Someone fix this wiki please!
well that sucks i wasted 30 faith to use the sunlight blade on it.
this things scaling is significantly favored in the direction of dexterity. it's still a quality-caster weapon, but still.
Cool that they since it is partially decayed or rusted away it has a lower strength requirement
how good is it on a quality build? seems like you would have to have 10 humanity for it to outclass the claymore in damage
it doesn't quite work on a quality build, because you still need the 18 int and 18 faith, but you can play around with stats and make sure you lower strenght instead of dex, since you ca compensate strenght by 2-handing the weapon, while with dex you can't. and yes, you need the 10 humanity, but if you play dark souls long enough you'll soon stop dying as much, so you don't need to be so afraid of losing them. if you're pvp-ing with this, just invade instead of hosting, so you don't have to waste humanity every time you die. and if you just don't have enough humanity, you can kill some npcs like petrus and his companions or lautrec (they drop humanities), kill bosses, or farm rats in the dephts (boring). ps: you can also just not meet the the faith/int requirements ( and still do full damage, except your weapon will bounce off of every hit. hope this is helpful an year later


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The moveset of this weapon is sick!! It's also faster than the other 2 Artorias' swords. I like this one much more.
wearing Artorias set with this sword and the cinematic of Sif recognizing you. PERFECT
Just when I thought it couldn't get any sadder
I want all three of the artorias greatswords but i dont have the dlc... ,_ ,
just play remastered, it comes with the dlc
dang thing shows up just after daggers in the in-game UI (in dark souls remastered, at least) and it bothers me so *****ing much
Buy a box boi
This is best Artorias sword because, it comes from the legend himself!
So let me give my two cents for people who still play this game and come to this page to see if this weapon is worth it. First of all, you need to be holding 10 humanities at all times. Shouldn't really be a problem for an experienced player, but if you tend to die a lot and fail to recover your souls you shouldn't really use this weapon, because the AR without 10 humanities is just bad. If you choose to use it, I recommend keeping some ring of sacrifices in can your souls are in a tough spot to get. If you want optimization, this weapon is hilariously outclassed in every single way by a Chaos Zweihander. The Chaos Zwei does a lot more damage, has a considerably better moveset and the main thing: stats. For a Chaos Zweihander you only need 16 str and 10 dex, that's nothing. Meaning you're free to spend your stats in any other place you like. You can go for a Giant Dad build to get a billion poise, you can go for pyro and level up attunement for your pyromancies and dex for casting speed, you can level up either Faith or Inteligence for buffs, utility spells and high damaging miracles and sorceries, you can even level up resistance if you have no idea what you're doing with your life. If you, like me, have played this game a billion times and just want a new, fun, and most importantly, *****ing dope weapon in both style and lore, you can just ignore optimization and go for it, because it's *****ing cool. That's the main reason for using this weapon: you think it's cool and fun. Every weapon is viable in this game, but some are clearly better than others, and this thing is outclassed by a lot of weapons to be honest. The fact it's so stat hungry with lackluster returns is just bad balancing. So let's get to the moveset: one-handed r1 and two-handed r1 are generic greatsword moves. The one-handed r2 is a 360 spin. This is more useful for special occasions on PVP than it is for PVE. Because if what you want is crowd control, you're better off just using the one-handed r1. This is because the spin has a considerably low start-up and doesn't cover a lot of range at all. It's honestly not good, but it's pretty fun and if you use this weapon you'll get the hang of when you should use the thing. The other special move is the two-handed r2. This one is quite something. Now, obviously it looks *****ing sick and makes you feel like Artorias. The damage is amazing and the range is amazing too. But here's the catch: the recovery on this thing is *****ing atrocious. You stand with the sword on the ground for something like full 2-3 seconds. This means a few things: first, you gotta be absolutely sure it's gonna hit. Second, if you know it's gonna hit, you gotta know if it will stagger or not the opponent. If it doesn't stagger you're actually at a frame disadvantage even on hit, and you're gonna get punished for using this even if it lands. Third, if the opponent won't stagger, but you know the damage will kill, feel free to use it. And fourth, unless you're going for style points, just don't try this in PVP. Any half-decent player will just get a free backstab on you. So is this weapon worth it? Again, it depends. For stat optimization, move set optimization and even damage, absolutely not. If you thing this thing looks badass and it's fun to play with, then hell yeah, why not?
git gud
The chaos zwei outclasses most weapons anyways, until you consider how hard of a time ultras get in pvp due to being slow as hell, which makes them easy to dodge, parry, toggle escape and roll bs, especially now that the remaster has no deadangles, while the greatsword r1's are, in my opinion, more reliable... Also, the chaos zwei requires the 10 humanity too, so there's that. Regarding the abby, while the moveset might not be many people's cup of tea, damage-wise, it actually outdamages even a 40/40 claymore (with the 10 humanity of course) if you know how to put a proper build together. problem is, to get a build like that to work, you'd need to make a specialized build for it, probably without even room for casts if you wanna take the most out of the sword's damage. another thing people don't like about specialized builds is how much time they take to put together in-game (therefore they prefer more versatile builds that can use a lot of weapons, like quality builds), unless you have the physical copy of the og game (not ptde or remaster), in which case (at least on console) you can switch to the unpatched version, do the dragon headstone glitch, get as many souls as you need to make the build, then switch to updated version and run through the rest of the game. Backstab-wise, the 1handed r2's drain way less poise than they should, considering they can only hit once despite being a double spin (which makes no sense cuz halberd r2's can hit twice), which means that yes, you'll get your *** poisestabbed a lot. Fashion-wise, hell yeah.