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I much prefer the Nioh Learn Skills screen where you can look at all the skills directly in list form.

Now they have the circles and circular format. which is much more clumsy.


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While it doesn't work on the top level Learn Skills screen, in the individual sections you can at least press square to view all the skills in a list form! I'm not sure I like how it's organized though...


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yea but names only doesnt tell you anything...needs to be sorted by weapon and stance and have some visual telling you the buttons to press



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If you want to find the effect easily, use the wiki's tables: https://nioh2.wiki.fextralife.com/Skills

Each category has a table for just the skills of that tree
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It eliminates the need to "ration" points. Not perfect but it allows experimentation and reduces the need to respec.
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I like the new system and find it very organized. High stance is on top, mid is on the left, low is on the bottom, and universal/sheathed stance is on the right. It's organized exactly like the stance wheel on the HUD. Even without that, each skill has an icon that tells you what kind of stance (or passive) it is.

The flow of unlocking skills is also natural, as you start at the middle and work your way out. The more advanced stuff is on the outside, while the core skills are at the middle.

In the old system, everything felt jumbled together and it was an annoyance to constantly be scrolling up and down to see all the skills. The new system eliminates this with it's organized layout and ability to fit everything on one screen.
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