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"The Eternals enslave all of the mortal races, but they now rule as equals." No they don't rule as equals. Fane is just the ruler instead of God King. It's still a bad ending which I hoped it wouldn't. Because leaving the eternals in the void for all eternity seems like a really bad ending too. So why can't there be an alternative where the eternals actually are living in peace with the world?
Because the eternal see the mortal races as lesser than they are and are literally the progenitor race.
I guess they mean, the eternals rule as equals over the world/mortal races. Before, the God King ruled over the Eternals.
The differences between The Big D Gang and The G K Crew are purely cosmetic, both are literally hitlers and deserve losing. On top of that, the plotpoint about gods herding mortals for Source directly means that in time there will be enough of it to build the Veil and make God King pay for it, with leftovers being ours to keep. Win-win-win. Adramallama could've been a chill dude to hang out with, were he imported from DnD. Unfortunately, he is as bad at not stealing other people's stuff as the rest of them; a murderer and an illegal immigrant, he has to go back.
Friggin 10/10 comment my dude xD
10/10 comment lmfaooo
Where's the ending with the squirrel empire enslaving all the mortals, God King and the Eternals under the Great Acorn?
I wonder if their turds have residual source. Eat a turdy turd for source points.
Seriously. That game has been out for three years and is wildly popular online. Why is this the least useful wiki ever?
Ikr? I've known user-created mods with more fleshed-out wikis than this game's.
Because some people would rather complain about it being incomplete instead of adding to it.
I disagree. Plenty helpful for me.
this game is amazing except the ending. half assed ending. at least give cinematics endings about what happened to the world. not just a word, narrative, and lazy portrait. how disappointing
One question people, whats the difference between sealing the void ending and let lucian remain divine? And how can you let lucian remain divine?