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"The Eternals enslave all of the mortal races, but they now rule as equals." No they don't rule as equals. Fane is just the ruler instead of God King. It's still a bad ending which I hoped it wouldn't. Because leaving the eternals in the void for all eternity seems like a really bad ending too. So why can't there be an alternative where the eternals actually are living in peace with the world?
Because the eternal see the mortal races as lesser than they are and are literally the progenitor race.
I guess they mean, the eternals rule as equals over the world/mortal races. Before, the God King ruled over the Eternals.
The differences between The Big D Gang and The G K Crew are purely cosmetic, both are literally hitlers and deserve losing. On top of that, the plotpoint about gods herding mortals for Source directly means that in time there will be enough of it to build the Veil and make God King pay for it, with leftovers being ours to keep. Win-win-win. Adramallama could've been a chill dude to hang out with, were he imported from DnD. Unfortunately, he is as bad at not stealing other people's stuff as the rest of them; a murderer and an illegal immigrant, he has to go back.
Friggin 10/10 comment my dude xD
10/10 comment lmfaooo
Where's the ending with the squirrel empire enslaving all the mortals, God King and the Eternals under the Great Acorn?
I wonder if their turds have residual source. Eat a turdy turd for source points.
Seriously. That game has been out for three years and is wildly popular online. Why is this the least useful wiki ever?
Ikr? I've known user-created mods with more fleshed-out wikis than this game's.
Because some people would rather complain about it being incomplete instead of adding to it.
I disagree. Plenty helpful for me.
this game is amazing except the ending. half assed ending. at least give cinematics endings about what happened to the world. not just a word, narrative, and lazy portrait. how disappointing



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He's not wrong. Even leading up to the actual cutscenes it's poorly done. The fight is good. But the caiming Divinity part. I had to reload first time because I decided to not take it because I chose to not take Divinity because I was trying to let Lucian keep it and do the purge and instead the God King takes it somehow. Also, i played red prince and they didn't even mention Sadha once in the ending sequence but they have an entire slide and speech about that stupid Fisher you find the ring for outside of Driftwood and him getting divorced or something. What the ***** is that?
One question people, whats the difference between sealing the void ending and let lucian remain divine? And how can you let lucian remain divine?
Here are my notes from save-resetting last night. 1) No Option to Make Companion Divine - I had a custom avatar and played with Sebille at max attitude. I reset the game and tried every dialogue option. If you do not take divinity yourself, the God King will take it and you get the God King ending. There does not appear to be any way to give it to a companion, even though the game sets you up in Act III to make you think you can support someone else. Please respond if I'm missing something here. 2) Sacrifice Yourself Immediately - If you choose to give up right away, you will fight Braccus Rex/Vredeman but the rest of the antogonists (Lucian, Dallis, Ghiest, etc.) will become your allies for the battle. The battle immediately goes to phase 2, which is the Braccus fight. You have a second option to choose Divinity at the end of the battle. This is probably the easiest way to to win the final battle outside of skipping phase 2. 3) Skip Phase 2 - Refuse to sacrifice yourself and you fight all of the antagonists in the room. If you do enough damage or focus on Vredeman first, you can skip his dialogue and phase 2 never happens. This makes the battle much shorter. 4) Choose Divinity This gives you an OK ending and Malady/companions seem happy with the choice. 5) Choose to Share Source w/ World This gives you a pretty good ending. Malady is unhappy and companions are happy. 6)Give Up Divinity - God King Takes Over This gives you a bad ending. Everyone is pissed at you. 7) Sacrifice Yourself to fix the Veil Whether you choose this immediately or after battle, Lucian gets most of the credit. Companions are mostly happy. Malady is unhappy, but saves you and the other sourcerers from becoming Silent Monks. 8) Lohse/Doctor Ending If you play as Lohse (not sure how this works if she is only a companion) AND you don't kill The Doctor, then he will show up at the end of the fight with Braccus Rex. He kills Dallis and Lucian and ascends to Divinity with you. You get a bad ending resulting in Demon Wars. Malady/Companions are unhappy. If you killed the doctor, she has a normal ending in line with the above choices. 9) Other Choices There is one other small difference. If you free Windego or seal the veil, she will narrate the slightly differently about her fate. Epilogue After the ending scene, the game puts you back on the boat. Talk to the Lady Vengeance when you are ready to see the Epilogue and credits. The Epilogue contains more story about various characters you may or may not have interacted with during your play-through, including your companions. Some of the ending scenes depend on the choices you made with the Dwarves, Lizards, and Elves. There are some really weird details that do not make sense, such as the Elves rallying to the your side as Divine even if you put deathfog in the Mother Tree. I was disappointed when this happened. You will have to experiment with the choices available surrounding Justinia, the Mother Tree, and the Scions.
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SPOILERS The Mother Tree thing makes sense if you've done a Sebille playthrough, since the Shadow Prince tells the truth and the Mother Tree was tyrannical. Saheila, in fact, begs you to destroy the Mother Tree, but only if you play as Sebille.
To be clear, Sebille just needs to be in your party
I free Windego from her cell in Arx, killed her and consumed her soul... but she is still narrating at the end, saying that she is still under the God King's influence.
There is a way to make companion devine albeit not much difference also I had Fane as companion got the Fane ending option but didn't get the achievement :( Anyways you need to make a pact with the doctor he's got your blood now. Have a thief. Before point of no return make a save. Now go to your last fight. When the doctor appears there are 2 choices-get the doctor ending is str8fwd. If you choose to resist and he has your blood uour main will be killed for good but the rest of the party can kill him. The one closest to him when he dies will be allowed yo choose! Although instead of 3 only 2 options if choosing to ascend. I guess, I have not tried,you can still have your mains normal ending if you, before going for the last fight, steal your vial of blood, then when he appears and choose yo turn on him I guess he can't kill you. This worked at least with the "lian lady" in Arx.
I guess this too shows that nice guys finish last even in a fantasy setting :( It's their game, they can do whatever I suppose, but it makes me appreciate games like Mass Effect 2 even more... you wanted the perfect ending with your entire ship crew saved and every member of your suicide team alive? (only downside is 50% of some human colony dies, but you did recover the other half) - sure man, you can totally achieve that you can also have endings were some died or everyone died in that game. I guess you can have great games that leave a bad aftertaste and great games that don't leave a bad aftertaste. Me, personally, I prefer the latter.