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Found a way to kill Karon without freeing him. I used Terrain Transmutation on the nearby poison, then centered the second destination on the cage. Little s*** ended up stuck in the poison and slowly died. I didn't get the combat XP, but it's a way to cheese the quest.
I did a similar thing, but as an Undead and with a barrel Deathfog. Same results with the Exp, but still fun imo.
Using chicken claw while Karon is still in the cage bugs him, so he turns into the mage and turns back into child form and non-hostile. You can then easily whack away until he's dead. You still get the XP from killing him.
Edit: Alternatively, you can engage in dialogue with him when chicken form wears off, and then you can engage in the fight with him and he will fight you while remaining in child-form, holding his magic wand lol.
Definitive Edition: Let him leave the sewer ritual area where you first meet him, he meets up with you in the area underneath the cathedral in Arx after you gain access past the blood-filled place. After killing him, talking to his soul, and passing a persuasion check, he gives you a Talent point.
In DE edition, you can consume the main spirit's source, which will in turn make the other spirits disappear so you can easily light the torches



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Works with every spirit, not just main one
In my play through I turned him into a chicken while he was still a boy in the cage and he teleported out as an adult then switched back to a child. I agreed to meet him in the tomb and he showed up as a child. It made for an incredibly easy fight as he had no armor or MR. I bursted him in one turn.
He also has no Armor whatsoever as an adult. At this stage in the game, the fight is trivial.
Lol i had bug when i reload the autosave that take me to start of the combat Karon had no armor at all, making the fight easier.
Not sure why NO1 has mentioned any of this. But to find Karon again IF YOU HAVE RELEASED HIM AND LET HIM GO, you must get past the blood trial thing in the Cathedral. Once you pass that (must complete a series of quest in order to do so) then you will open a hatch in the cathedral. Once you go down the hatch and walk through the steel gates and just when you get to the bottom of the step, Karon will appear and have some dialog with you. I was looking around for this for a while not knowing that it was actually supposed to happen at the near end. wanted to share with everyone else so they werent wasting their time looking around for where to find him.
If you fight him, one of his minions drops Vord Emver crossbow. Plus some XP. So this vs. 1 talent point (if you fight him later)?