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I kept him alive throughout the entire game. It isn’t impossible to keep him alive through the queen/Isbell battle in the poison pit, but what WAS insanely annoying was I tried teleporting him out of the pit first turn and he immediately spawned back into the pit because my main character was still in there. I had to reload and heal his magic armor and wait until my main character used tactical retreat to get out, then teleport him again. What really bothers me is there is zero payout for keeping him alive. (Spoilers I guess): he says before the final battle he is going to aid you in the final fight with a spell he’s been working on to destroy the “great acorn”... no such spell is EVER USED. His entire so-called quest seems utterly unfinished, and you never really get closure with this character or his story arc whatsoever. I wish I could find the developers addressing this because it is extremely odd considering how well crafted almost everything else in the game is.
Tbh with him running around too much, he ended up going in death fog multiple time so I got tired of reloading and at one point I forgot to save and it had been a while so when he decided to run just in front of the corpse I wanted to source vamp, welp he met the ultimate end of having his soul destroyed/eaten by me and I was honestly pissed, but I didn't want to reload so he stayed dead.