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A cleric could easily be a dexterity build. Use pyromancy until you get wrath of the gods. Remember dexterity makes you cast spells quicker and most dexterity weapons require a little strength to use. You don't always have to be meta to win lol



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Honestly? If you want to do this you might as well start out a pyromancer and get cleric spells.
Damn clerics
This site is incredibly helpful for noobs like me who just wanna learn the basics and jump into the game! But one tiny suggestion about using only the stat icons and no text labels for the stats in the list of starting values - it does look better, but it might be a bit confusing for noobs, who are most of the traffic on a basic class page like this to begin with. It'd only take a couple of minutes to add tooltips to the icons that identified the stats when users moused over them, and it'd be really helpful for absolute noobs as some of the icons aren't immediately obvious. In any case, thanks to everyone who's contributed to this site, it's been a great resource.