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Blood borne 2
“The peg leg could explain his retirement—“ I thought his peg leg had something to do with the “blood climbs the left leg” but from the Old Hunter Trousers description? I figured Gehrman, being the first Hunter in Yharnam, was the one who created this superstition, but took it a step further than double-wrapping his leg and instead amputated it himself out of precaution?
Holy crap that's brilliant! Turns out we were wrong given the wishes ending. Unless you are right and the player knows it, too.
Maybe he lost his foot and the superstition came from new hunters wondering why he only has one foot?
Anyone else notice he wears a different hat when you fight him from when you talk to him early game? Either I'm really stupid and oblivious to something or no one talks about this.
"You must accept your death, be freed from the night." So, to be freed and not simply respawn, you have to accept your death. This puts a different spin on Gehrman passing on properly. Unless he was exempt due to being bound to the dream so closely or he just couldn't resist letting go once he was slain no matter how much he wanted to save you from his torment.
Can you still access the abandoned workshop if you accidentally “killed” Gehrman or is his dialogue not needed to access the area?
'killing' Gehrman doesn't affect the gameplay in any way, so the area is still accessible
if bloodborn were on pc we could control those bosses with a mod or something
No Gehrman in my Dream. I think it is a glitch, because sometimes I can hear him begging Laurenc or Willem for help, however he is not present.
Same for me. He showed up maybe twice very early in the game but I haven't seen him at all since then, even though I regularly check the workshop and garden for him. Just defeated Rom and still no sign of him at all.
Same with me as well, I thought I was losing my mind, he's just not here, and hasn't been apart from the beginning and like one other time. I've combed the whole area, listened extra hard for sounds, etc. Maybe he went out to buy cigarettes and got mugged on the way back.
Should've been in smash. "Gehrman: joints the hunt!"
stupid old bastard