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These berzerk lore theory spam articles are out of hand. I get it's likely a reference, but dude, have you considered that the writers for the series came up with their own ideas?


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No, because most ideas came from Berserk, literally even the Hunter rune.
Miyazaki even stated that most of Soulsborne is inspired on berserk in an interview
The original poster is straight off the goop.


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Uncanny logarius wheel in bonus room between chamber of the seal and layer one. 9ermkyya
"We were afraid of vampires with katanas, so we built these deadly wheels that shoot ghost juice everywhere"
Alfred died to fckin Blood Starved Beast. I won't get this weapon? At least I've defeated the Beast that time so his death was not for nothing.
Nah he'll be fine. Continue his quest as normal.
I guess they had to put power within somewhere
Hugging your knees and crying as Logarius’ golden cone head squad just f**ks your s**t right up.