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I think one is missing, but I have no idea which one. The reason I know one is missing is that after purchasing everything from Pot Nobles (1+1+2+5+7+1+6+6+12 = 41) I have TWO extra scales remaining, not one. Looking through the list, I can't say it's missing some location; perhaps one of the places has one more carp that you've missed? Or maybe the Toxic Mob guy restocks another, third Scale at some point later in the game? I really have no idea.
Will the fish that I'vealready killed respawn on NG+?



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There's enough scales in one play through to buy everything.
So glad I checked this page before NG+, "5x found by giving the Mibu Village priest Water of the Palace, then reloading the area to find him transformed into an enemy which will drop the scales upon being killed." is exactly what I am missing for the mask. I had already gotten the Sake from him didn't know I could come back
i went back to kill this npc and after he died he dropped literally nothing... these are definitely what im missing and idk what to do now.
If you give the giant carp the truly precious bait, you can still get the 4 scales from the NPC by killing him. The fight is the same as the chained ogres
If you've already fed the great colored carp the truly precious bait before you fed him the normal bait: go to the Guardian Ape's Watering Hole idol, collect the whiskers from the dead carp, go to the Feeding Grounds idol, give the whiskers to the big noble guy, teleport to another idol, then come back. He'll be lying there with the scales you would've gotten for feeding the great colored carp just the regular bait (or close to it; I got 3 scales).
THANK YOU! I literally needed these final three to buy the last two Lapis before moving to NG+. I had every single other Scale bar these ones, and thought they were gone forever.
***** man, you're a savior!
What the hell is going on with edits on this page. Initially it was showing an overall of 42 scales available, which was missing one (since there is definitely 43 scales available in the game), and I was checking in every day to see whether the mission one was discovered, and instead I see now that someone edited the list for it to contain just 41, one less than before, and two less than actually is in the game.



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I have no idea, I haven't touched this page, but why don't you chip in and edit yourself? :) Which mission one are you referring to?
So you bought everything and had 3 scales left? 100%?
The list on this page totals at 46 for me, think the hirata estate ones are wrong.
I think there are 42 scales total, right? 40 required to buy out each merchant, plus 2 leftover (unless there are more obtainable in a single playthrough that I'm not aware of), so this page is missing one scale.
I am with two scales too. I was just checking to see if I missed anything, also bought everything from the nobles.
Fixed someone's edit that reduced the amount to 41 - it was one of the carps in Hirata estate. The list now correctly shows 42 scales again.
Does anyone know if the scales transfer to new game plus?
They do transfer and the merchant's stocks get resupplied.
They do