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I’ve encountered a “glitch” with one of her moves. The fire breath that damage ticks, if guarded the wrong way, will suck you into the center of the fire breath. It’s a guaranteed death if it happens in my experience, because you’re forced into a block vortex which drains all stamina and leaves you defenseless for the rest of the attack.
I really like the armor set. It's a shame that it's practically useless now with Iceborne.
If its for visuals you can transmog in iceborne
You can't transmog it, only LR and HR sets, and not even all of them
Wonder if it was really necessary to trash the old gear that hard. The very first armor set you get in Iceborne is the most hardcore***** compared to vanila MHW. Why not make it weaker but with more slots? Why are some random creatures in the snowfields stronger than an ElderDragon? Could have been solved better in my opinion. Stronger gear, okay. But not right from the start.
when ar this AT kulve tarroth gonna be available ? does anyone know ?
The Kulve Taroth music is amazing