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For this quest and the library connected to it - if you watch Spirit of Master Tremly he'll reveal the appropriate order for switches that will reveal the room Raeladus is in - switch on the floor (not visible by alt-item-vision), switch on the east wall, tablet near desk on the south east, lastly lever to the right of the door -> Ironically the room seemed to have a bug in its resource title
I managed to open the door. For some reason u have to trigger all the switch almost. In same time. Spread ur charaters on each. Switch and save walkinf time, the door will open
How do I activate the tablet ?
You can also lock pick the door with 7 thievery (at least what i had on my character, may be less)
Why would you ever want to do that and not get all the xp? You don't even have to fight anyone, just click plate-button-tablet and pull the right lever...



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Easy enough. Follow the directions to open the door and getting a total over 100k experience.
Can't find Taryn now, and Readelus doesn't have an option to return to her...
NOW, you have to find Taryan's body by NW desk in library, and separately cast Spirit Vision, and then her spirit will appear. No longer automatic!