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How rare is it to get the special arena quest for this guy so far I captured it 4 times and have only gotten that quest once.
You only get them once for capturing... After you complete the arena quest it will disappear and go on rotation and will randomly come back.
Capturing this thing is a gigantic pain - it doesn't have any kind of limping animation as it never leaves the area it starts in for any reason. Typically, if you get a head break it's pretty close to dying. At that point you basically have to spam traps.
I don't know if this will help anyone, but for gold and silver rathalos, try practicing watching how flat the heartbeat is since it's the only consistent way of knowing how close to dying a monster is.
Assuming you don't have enough research, easiest way to tell if something is about to die is when they drop slinger ammo naturally from health being low. Usually after the second drop they're near death. You could also use your palico's shock trap to capture.
If you want him to spawn more often just jump between maps until he pops up in the guiding lands. Easiest way
I'm not sure if it was a fluke or what but as soon as I got my Volcanic region to level six my first one of these showed up in it so apparently it can spawn there too....for anyone who'd rather level that than coral.
Definently works with Volcanic too.
Important note. This and gold rathian can spawn in the volcanic region, however they can NOT spawn as tempered in the volcanic area. If you want the pendants or the tempered materials, you have to level up their original regions
Tempered gold rathian only in Level 7 wildspire region, and silver rathalos only in level 7 coral region.