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So I killed Orbeck, now I'm trying a different build, so that saddens me. But would anyone be willing to trade this?
If so, my psn is KnightCarim. Thanks
Best PvE ring in the game
For all the dumbasses saying "OOGA BOOGA I ONLY GET YOUNG DRAGON RING OOGA BOOGA BANANA" 1) buy spook, it doesn't matter that you have it unlocked you must BUY it. 2) after he gives you the young dragon ring, you HAVE to talk to him again, it counts as 2 events not 1
***** you.
I just killed him and he dropped it
If you wanted easy mode, this is how you get it. With hidden body and rapport, almost every enemy becomes a cakewalk
Also mutes the death scream when falling off a cliff, good to use while stacking up hollowing for yoel