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I wonder if there’s mistranslation in the name, meaning it should be “Pyromancer’s Burial Flame” rather then “Parting.” A parting flame is a old ritual tradition in lighting a candle before a window every night to wish loved ones who are a very long ways away from home a safe journey upon their return. A burial flame however is a candle and/or oil lamp left upon a deceased loved ones grave to wish their spirit a safe journey to the after life and in some traditions to ward off evil who would wish to do harm to the spirit of the deceased. It would make more sense if this was a burial flame for it was left on the body of a deceased loved one to which it turned into a greater flame and is able to channel what looks like spirit whisps into the hereafter, to which is rewarded with estus. Also, it would give some relevance to the high strength requirement for the user of the flame are being filled with the spirit echos of the dead, who become very heavy and to the point where user dose a ritual gesture of sendoff and in sends them off to wherever.
Parting Flame as in dying, the flame is dying and going out.
I don't see this thing a whole lot, though in my opinion it's in many ways alot better than the normal pyro flame. Sure it doesn't get as high scaling, but on my 40/40 build it's only a difference of about 15 spell buff. This could bring down some high damage spells 45-60 damage, but mostly the lava trail it leaves often deals about the same damage I'd lose. But for weaker spells, it's almost always a damage gain. Secondly, the lava pool will proc even if the spell is blocked or rolled. This can stun people even if the main spell misses, making combos easier and more reliable and atleast a little damage more assured. In PvE, this thing's weapon art far outclasses the normal pyromancy flame by a mile. You're going to want to allotte more ashen flasks, so naturally your normal flasks run low, and this helps cure some attrition issues. I often find myself running pvp content with only 8 or fewer normal flasks, and never running out of healing. Perhaps this thing is too hard to find, truth be told I've beaten the game about 100 times on various ng+ levels amonsgst 25 characters, and never bothered to find this thing till I specifically played a pyromancer from start to finish.


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Unless you're a dedicated Pyromancer, I can see a few problems losing a hand to have this thing equiped for WA. Also, having it equiped/activated for 12 kills is a novelty at best. It's Spell rating is lower and consumptions higher than a regular Flame so figuring out if this's for you is simple. If you Cast at range/buff you don't need this, if you're a dedicated Pyromancer at close range and willing to give up a hand then this might be for you.
best damage in the game for a pyro's main spell in pvp being black flame. It's also all enemies killed period. If you invade and run low on estus but the host and summons have been killing you can refill your estus or ashen with this WA and its fantastic. I run this as my off hand while the demon scar is my right. Ill swap if need to parry but usually using this for blackflame sacred flame are too good.
I have on idea what any of THIS ( points up ) means. It's like we're not speaking the same language.
to the guy, and anyone else confused about why this is useful. the flame does extra damage at close range, so spells like black flame that are melee based deal bonus damage if it lands. this can nearly double the damage, meaning a single black flame can do around 900 damage, more if you use rings well (you get bonus from both dark and fire clutch rings, but lose a lot of defence to use both). its also useful for invasions, because if you join someone playing the game normally you can charge the flame on their kills, which gives you another flask


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its the ascended pyromancy flame its better than the original in some way
Does the flame trail also increase the heavy attack/punch damage?
Ok thanks.
Note that the flame casts slower
Even with max casting speed? Sage ring? This still casts slower?
You can use the WA by just doing it quickly you can restore 10 estus if you have the mana
If you use this glitch to recover all your estus after an invader made you chug it all down, you are a cheater. You might as well just turn on cheat engine. Play legitimately or go offline.
legit item. aka legit strat.
^ Cheater. Also, doesn't know what "aka" means.
If you have time to do that when invading, it shows that something is wrong with the host and the party, either they are waiting for you at the safezone(playing the game not the intended way) or u are too good and are able to escape ganks endless pursue. If you are that good tho, u most likely won't resort to this unless the host and ganks are fkin cancer. So imho, i dun think it's that big of a problem, casting it cost a lot of time after all.
It's one thing if you use a glitch on NPC enemies. It's another if you're fighting another player. NPCs are AI and are fun to ***** with, fighting should be about skill, and I'm saying that as someone who hates fighting in PvP.
Skill in PVP? I mean, 9 times out of 10, you get gankers that have overlevelled phantoms, who don't even try to complete areas but sit around and gank invaders. Is that the intended way to play the game? If it is, so is using the glitch on this thing, since it evens the playing field. After all, the host can just go and resummon if someone dies, too. I don't use this glitch, mostly because I never practiced how and never care to, but that's my view on it. If you're getting destroyed by a solo host and use this, that's another story. Same with squads that are actually moving through the game. But to use this on dedicated overlevelled gank squads? Yeah, why not?
Everyone whining about some aspect of the game. All players are cancer at some point. Invaders afraid to fight run away to seek the NPC's help hoping for easy kills and people gank in their world to either pick on invaders or to try to make it through their world. Every once in a while everyone has to deal with garbage players that do garbage things. Get over it.
No question about it. This is cheating. The guys saying "yeah you can do it in the game, so it's not cheating"... First the game was balanced without the glitches, of course such weapon art has strong limitations, and is normally usable only in certain conditions (12 enemies killed wielding the pyromancy flame for 1 estus), to have a somehow balanced game. Second your argument is so stupid and wrong : in poker you can hide some cards in your Pocket if you want or if you are a magician… Because you can do it, this is not cheating? What kind of reasoning is that? Third a game is funny when everyone is submitted to the same rules, would you like to play Monopoly with everyone against you? Is this funny?And then for those saying its difficult to do it, you let him do etc. A player can flee and hide (obscuring ring for ex) then do the glitch. No difficulty at all, just regular cheat.
Now when i see a cheater like that, I just hide and wait to show him how funny it can be playing the game in a wrong way too... Then very few people invade since Im there and he lost his time. What I love about the cheaters, is that they want a 1v1 honorable fight, and when they are losing, they flee to refill their estus flasks… great, and very funny...
I'm going to sing you a little song *clears throat* shut the ***** up. Stop being a *****ing *****
That's what I might start doing, after I invaded a hacker in Undead Settlement that taunted my *** LOL
Can't kill hem before they refill the flask? Git gud!
To the guy who thinks he's wasting the invader's time by hiding. The goal of an invader is to impede your progress. If you stop advancing and hide to avoid an invader, he's winning not you.
"in poker you can hide some cards in your Pocket if you want or if you are a magician… Because you can do it, this is not cheating?" Except in poker it's AGAINST THE RULES to hide cards in your pocket moron. It's not against the rules to use a weapon in a game. "Cheating in online games is defined as the action of pretending to comply with the RULES OF THE GAME, while secretly subverting them to gain an unfair advantage over an opponent." Such as Invincibility in the cheat engine. Using this weapon is not outside the boundaries of the RULES OF THE GAME.
How is it a glitch? You could just refill it at a bonfire. And even if you don't, theres only enough enemies between each bonfire to get like, one or two chugs tops. That's enough to keep ya feelin safe. And what's wrong with that?
Lol his wife left him
If you were to rank the Pyromancy Flame, this Flame, and the Demon's Scar on spell buffs, which is best and which is worst?