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Ahh yes 1st waifu of every Dark Souls virgin, but all grown men choose Yuria or Rosaria instead. Even though firekeeper is a submissive bag of moe i prefer to kill her (*SPOILER* and by that i mean i let her extinguish the flame and hit her from the back */SPOILER*) cuz i fkn hate them submissive hoes meanwhile Yuria at least carries a sword and Rosaria is the godmother of us invaders allowing to reskill and change apperance (also i have feet fetish).
Gr8 opinion m8. Idk why so many dislikes..
You n00b. All grown men choose Priscilla over any other NPC. Oh my god she's fluffy.
U dum dumn Pricila ded in Dark Sol 3 so she not coumt.
Idiont i liek the yorshka
Bottom image is absolutely cursed
What a liar she has eyes hiding behind that mask and she’s saying she ain’t got no eyes imma kill her just for that (clip your camera into her face she has eyes)
look fire keeper i get it you love me but can daddy just LIGHT HIS *****ING FIRE FIRST
The fire isn't the only thing getting linked tonight
I was spooked by the gesture thing
I ship waifu material