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Is this actually a decent armor for protection or armor for pure morale boosting hosts and phantoms?
Protection is bad compared to most armor but may be good for a light roll build
***** decent armour if this isn't considered that. This is Fashionable my man, and fashion is most important.
It's decent if you arent lvl-ing your vitality. The Armor stats on this set is decent for its weight, but its very light armor. If you are like me and focus damage over survivability, this armor will serve you well. If you want to boost your survivability while using this armor, just use miracles to heal yourself. Might aswell go all the way if you want to cosplay as a sunbro.
When I tried to get the armor of sunlight I dropped the item but accidentally fell when pickle Pee dropped the armor and when I died I couldn’t get it at all and pickle pee won’t take it again so I waisted a healing item and the armor I wanted
Dont worry my sunbro, theres always ng+ and trading between accounts.
Hahahaha what a *****ing *
Lmfao *
The last two replies just got exiled from the Warriors of Sunlight
I drank the siegbrau with onion bro:(
You can get another Siegbrau I think in Irythill, If you push Siegward's quentwine
Yeahtheres like a max of 4 or 5 per ng with the DLCs I believe.
I wish the helmet was exactly so oval like
Solaire needed to show up in the kiln of the first flame as a himself so he could link the flame.
This is a test of who is your real waifu. You can chug the siegbrau with siegward, or use can leave him hanging to get the armour of solaire


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Or you can use Lapp’s siegbrau (DLC) but then you aren’t a bro with Lapp
The hardest part of getting this is grinding that damn staff
Sprint from Dragonkin Bonfire up the closest stairs, hanging a right to the summoner. Dodging his missiles is easy, and he will drop to only a few hits from most upgraded weapons. Then jump down from the broken railing, tap the bonfire and repeat.
Can't wait to grind for the mendicants staff which has a ONE percent chance to drop I'm so excited
this might not be the best defense-wise... but the morale boost