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The description says that the Dancer has a hide/fur...
Kinda scary...
All the outrider knights of the Boreal Valley transform into beasts with time; they are some kind of werewolves with plate armor
In English hide can simply be a poetic term for skin, especially in works like Dark Souls that are inspired by Western high fantasy (a genre more or less known for heavy thesaurus usage). The localization team probably chose “hide” for exactly that reason, although if anyone knows what the original Japanese read, I’d be interested.
Bought the leggins for my female character, but her butt doesn´t look as sexy as the dancer's
I was just googling if I could get the bootyful armor. Sadface.
If you're on PC, Nexus has a mod just for that. Out of luck for having that on console versions, though, I'm afraid.
Dancer kicked my arse repeatedly and was the first boss to actually make me learn the game. I had cheesed all the bosses up to that point (CRGW, Sage, Vordt, Yhorm, Pontiff, Aldrich, the two Demons, etc) but I got beaten down, hard, again and again, until I learned to time rolls properly and to dance with the Dancer.

I now wear her armour all the time, as a mark of respect to an enemy I savoured the death of and whose legacy many now feel as Dancing has become a way of life.
Yeah. I feel the exact same way. That boss truly led me to not use my shield as much and to go actually git gud like the filthy casul I was... but am no longer. NG+ and Champion Gundyr is dead!

All thanks to the dancer whose chestpiece I wear now as a tribute to such a fantastic boss.
lmao I double teamed her as a phantom with a friend of mine, we killed her on the third try in his world, and I beat her solo first try in my world.

**** Soul Spears. Goddamn you Aldrich.


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Not me, I ran about throwing black fire balls at her until she died. Like a hero.
Tombledore, I'm not sorry to say this, but git gud
Notes are wrong: poise/weight is terrible. defence/weight looks really good though...
not that anyone cares about the stats its all about FASHION SOULS!


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the description describes her gauntlets fusing with her hide. I assume they mean her entire armor with gauntlets, or just specifically her gauntlets fused for some reason. the latter is more entertaining, so I´ll go with that
The description is copy and paste for the Armor and leggings, the only different one is the crown
Swiggity Swooty, this armor has the booty.... (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)
Right? Can't help but pan around the backside during ladder climbs.
The one part I can’t stand about this armor set is the leggings, they just look way too thin to me, especially the ankles, and damn it’s hard to find a good replacement
I think I figured out a good sub-in set. See my above comment (Mar 15)
I just discovered something awesome. Ive always loved the look of this set but its just not for male characters. If you want a masculine version this set, keep the Dancer helmet, but trade out the chest for the Outrider Knight chest, and put on the Silver Knight arms and legs. It fixes the slender features of the traditional Dancer set but still looks very faithful to the design. Give it a try. The Iryhtill weapons and any blue shield are icing on the cake, if you like using them.
A must-have for any female character since you'll be staring at that *** 90% of the time ;)
the *** thing also works on a male
According to lore you're essentially wearing her skin
No, you're not. Her armor fused with her skin, but we don't even know how boss sets work in Dark Souls. Are they new? Are they taken from the enemy's body? How are they so small when compared to the original? Why aren't they just as big? The answer is: who *****in' knows? I prefer to think of it as a recreation of the metal from her armor taken from her body and reforged.
is good, now is not cold steel, you are touching soft skin
well it's fine, I'm also a monster hunter anyway, I'm used to wearing creatures skins. lol