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Okay, so, if you need help beating the golems. Don't start the fight by leaving; start by attacking. You may wish to cast Peace of Mind before you attack to ensure you go first. An Initiative of 20 won't go first, but 26 will. Awake both of the resurrection golems up front with an accurate shooter, like an archer, by shooting them both. The first will put you in combat, the second will have to take some action points. Teleport one golem next to the other; whichever side the "lesser golems" woke up on is the side you want both resurrection golems on (they're the ones with the armor who stand up front if you're confused). Throw a charm grenade (perfume bottle + honey; craft in advance) on the "lesser golems." The ones with armor won't be affected anyway. Let the lesser golems two-shot both of the resurrection golems. Start waking other golems by damaging them while your charm is still active. Kill and use skills as needed. AoE Lightning works great against these guys.
I'm trying to get the second piece in the Archives, but the doorway is closed. There are no levers or buttons anywhere and I can't find a solution by googling. What have I done wrong? :(
Nevermind, I figured it out. You need high enough wits to open it
you can simcity in that tomb to do not reach the clay golem to you with gold piles and candels and.. hunt with rangers or magic
"There's a glowing chest inside the crypt lockpick then open it, it has the green Teleporter Pyramid in it!" And, seems like you have to take thievery skill, no way to open the chest otherwise... Since there is a Pyramid, it should not be a mandatory, there should be another way. I don't want to take thievery, but game tells that you must. Can't destroy the chest, with all the items (belt, gloves, chest) I have only +3 and this is not enough. This is the first time I see this game force you to do something like this (having/being a thief).
I found Tarquin at eastern gate