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So what if you had already used all the giant souls because you don't use the wiki unless you absolutely have to, is the fight just going to take absolutely forever unless I go into ng+?
You can farm Giant Souls using Bonfire Ascetic and Ancient Dragon. 3 Giant Souls were enough for me.
Imminent tears ahead....


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This boss may be easy or hard or however you feel it, but i still find the hardest part to attack him in the first place. the lore builds up to him and the pure shock factor of seeing him, hollow, wander around his crypt like a simple zombie with the eerie track playing in the background? Chills, man. I always feel bad when i kill him, but i need that crown..
I would tell myself that I'm putting him out of his misery, but he's too far gone for that. He's not suffering, he's too mindless to realize his surroundings. You're basically pulling the plug on his life support
That is such bull*****that you can’t get a second Soul of the King after beating Vendrick again; I was REALLY hoping I could get his soul to transpose into the King’s Shield. I was going for full Vendrick in terms of armour AND weapons.
if use a BF aesctic to get an Soldier ring+2 , do i have to kill him again to get the blessing?
What really trivialized the fight for me was to stick to his left and rolling FORWARD when he did an attack. Beat him flawless that way(which I needed since I was a one hit for him).
Finally beat this dude with a rapier. Reply plz, I wanna see how you guys beat him.
Greatsword & invisible armor of aurus, kept strafing right (most of the time) and rolling behind him when he launched an attack. It is important that you go light, because you need all the mobility you can get, as he will 2shot any armor in the game.
I plan on fighting him with the ice rapier. That combined with the Havel set, is the only way I was able to beat the DLC smelter demon.