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I've turned in Yuria's ashes. The handmaiden is sellling all the items except for the untrue dark and untrue white rings. Any idea should on why? Or is my game just bugged?
Can you keep this after starting a ng+? I'm trying to avoid getting yoel in the shrine at all to avoid the dead body and all that. Poison knives and purging stone would be nice to have as an option.
Why do you mind a dead body in a far room in fire link?
So if i want two dark hands i can buy one from yuria and then kill her, give her ashes to the handmaid and buy the second one from her?
I tried it. Didn't work
Is there a way to get this if she never appears? Failing to draw out full strength



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nope, you can only get the hollow ashes if you fail yuria's storyline.
Is there any way to get dark blade without her appearing at firelink?



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Sadly not