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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

So, I get a treasure tip every x items I give? every unity lvl up? is it random?
You have to find them on the map when playing a quest so they join your party and then pass the quest
While it's nice that someone went through the effort of uploading images and some text for each treasure's location, just pasting all those images on this page makes it a pain in the *** to navigate.
Idk I had literally no issue navigating each of the treasures. The brief line of description along with a quick look at the minimap gave me all the information I needed to find them all.
it was great thanks! Hoarfrost #10 though wasn't very helpful and needs revision
I mean the point 10 on Hoarfrost Reach is also where you get another achievement, capturing the Wintermoon Nettle.
my god, this guide is *****ing trash
Hopefully sarcasm, I'm getting everything just fine.
And you are one looking for trash
Not the most precise guide but a godsend nonetheless. Found every one easily, but then again I'm 350+ hours in and know the maps already. May want to touch up for those not so observant players...
Out of the 3 trades you can do each visit to the map, if you get a treasure tip on the 1st or 2nd trade, don't do the 3rd trade yet. Just go find the treasure & after that come back to complete 3rd trade. You will likely get another tip as I got them on few occassions. Seems to work with most tribes.
I agree with the bottom comment. For Tip #10... If a person has never tried to capture the "wintermoon Nettle" then they will most probably be lost. For that, here is my own revision:

Hoarfrost = Treasure #10 Is directly next to the "Dragon Husk". You can reach the location by using the same path for the "Wintermoon Nettle" (More Info In the Wikia). once you reach the very top, instead of turning left walk to the right side, until you reach The Dragon's Carcass.
Image: https://imgur.com/a/Wrkh5Br
I had a Boaboa gift me a Blue Diva and a Wintermoon Nettle
A maybe interesting information is that all tribes use the dust and poder items you "fed" them, herbal powder is expecially handy, but they even use demon and hardshell powder.
... oh and they use all kinds of traps.