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This skill is useless compared to others. You can see for yourself in a recent video I posted on Youtube. Sekiro - Sen Toss Skill - Tested 100,000 and 200,000 Gold & with 99 attack power - Max attack power
Gil Toss lol
Can anyone confirm or deny a CAP for the AMOUNT of sen that is thrown?


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I have over 96000 sen (just popped all my money bags after 4 playthroughs) and this thing still does absolutely no damage to anything. What am I missing? 44AP, NG+4 It also still only uses 10 (or 15 if charged) sen, whereas I feel like it should be throwing more money given how much I have. The fact that it also costs 2 spirit emblems to use blows. It'd be cool if this ability took more sen, didn't cost any spirit emblems, but also actually did damage. You know, give some use to the sen that becomes so useless past NG. Am I missing something? am I using it wrong? Like, what is going on. 96000 sen and it does less than its alternatives (phantom kunai, lazulite shuriken), while costing the same or more in spirit emblems. I've also tried using it up close so that all the coins might hit. Still garbage, even then.
My only explanation is that the other shuriken prosthetics are scaled to AP more then this one. I can admit that in NG it does some decent damage comparing with others.
Yep you missed something! Sekiro Goru made a serie on killing bosses with money, it works quite well !
(but he uses a mod that gives infinite SE)
This should not cost spirit emblems. Would be best used while goofing around. Hopefully From puts an update out that would eliminate the use of spirit emblems.
Then you could literally just stunlock and build up posture quickly, it makes bosses trivial.
If this didn't cost any spirit emblems then it would make basically every boss in the game a cakewalk you could beat on first try without any issues.
the easy mode of sekiro
money in the second playthrough is uselles,
It is disappointing that this does not scale infinitely. Even more disappointing is this thing does max damage (which is pathetic) at the cost of killing about 5-10 enemies. Useless upgrade. Get it for the trophy and that's it.
This upgrade is VERY unintuitive, considering how you've learned to use the shuriken up to this point. You use it as a long-range harass tool for basically the entire game. But when you get this, it's a major disappointment because the damage is pathetic even with a big *** bank and the range is meh. Like the guy below me said [29 Mar 2019 22:18], it can deal more damage that a lazulite shuriken at point-blank range, and has a chance to stagger a bit, but this goes against how you use a shuriken 99 percent of the time. The fact it cost spirit emblems on top of that, doesn't help it at all.
Hold up... 5 Sen thrown at a time is the max and each deals 25 - 30% of the damage of the BASE Loaded Shuriken? So you're telling me I'm wasting 200% Spirit Emblems for a possible max 125 - 150% damage ON TOP of costing me Sen? It's literally worse than the base Shuriken, then... at least that thing costs 1 Spirit Emblem for 100% damage (thus 2 throws costs 2 Spirit Emblems, for 200% damage) without costing additional resources...