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Get solaire's shield by dropping a certain staff on the nest. Staff drops from summoners in archdragon peak.
Who is the summoner?


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is it Medicant staff? the one who gives more souls?
thanks dude



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The staff is called Mendicants staff you can find it in Archdragon Peak.
Witchtree Bellvine drops the "Help Me!" carving.
Dropping the infinite use homeward bone item, that fire stoker fragment or whatever its called, grants a titanite slab.
Dropped a xanthous crown and got a lightning gem -_-
Can also use Clerics Sacred Chime for the Help Me! Carving.
Maybe all chimes work?
You have it listed as boar shield. On the English version it's called "Porcine Shield".



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Good catch. Added it! :D

You can add too. Just hit the edit button on top right corner and then just type into the table like you normally would.
Gave the Moaning Shield from killing Eygon and got a blessed gem
I've been using the crow since I got to Firelink and I still haven't bought the key. I was very confused about the intended method of getting to it and seems I've been using an exploit to gain early access.

From the Firelink bonfire, head towards the entrance and take the left stairs near the entrance heading up. Head outside and go up the stairs to the left towards the tower. To your left, near the roof you will see a leaning white tree. Sprint at the tree's base and you'll start running up the tree but falling quickly. You want to get about 3-4 feet off the ground before aiming and jumping to the nearby roof. If takes a few tries even once you have it, but you can access the crow, get the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring via the illusory wall, as well as snag an early Estus Shard. I imagine that like the fence in Bloodborne, we'll see this patched so enjoy while you can.
Dropping a Firebomb -or- a Rope Firebomb will only grant 1 Large titanite Shard. You cannot drop both and get 2x. Same applies to Black and Chunks.