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Probably the worst enemies in the DLC. I thought the Ice Sanics were terrible but this was just absolute butt ****.


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These are without a doubt the absolute worst most broken *****ing cancerous piece of***** enemy I have ever encountered in the ENTIRE souls series. I *****ing hate them so much. ***** these things eternally.
Damn Kirin...
Nah, the melee attacks don't bounce of the rest of it's body aside from the head at least.
Kirin took the kids...
As soon as I died to these balls of cancer I knew to come here. These things are ridiculous.
Their charge is broken. The window for dodging it is almost non existent and the hitbox is huge.



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I don't complain about fighting one. I don't complain about them respawning. I f***** complain about the snow storm that don't let me see where Im going, then I end up respawning a f****ing second idiot reindeer, in the storm.
I understand your pain to such a degree it hurts, I'm just gonna keep running till that 1 time I get lucky xD
Worst enemy in soul series, random respawn, difficulty to stop your attack, all combined in one of the worst area of the game, this only makes me believe that this "genre" game has to die soon.
kill yourself
How many times do i need to kill them to despawn them completly? Do i need to rest on bonfire on each kill or continuously kill one area without going in bonfire?
Well, it increases with each area. The last area purportedly takes around 30 kills. Good luck man.
Certainly a fckd enemy but idk if i would go so far as to delete my game? Theres really nothing i need in this area. I can come back to screw around later if im bored.
Holy*****!!! Was just messing around killing reindeer with the kings 2 handed great sword. Had the summons with me. Somehow i stumbled upon the bosses cave. I had no estus left just a few cheap lifegems. Decided to try it and actually killed both cats! Now i have no reason to even come back to this area lol.
Easy way to deal with them is spam affinity and turtle behind a great shield