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That people are surprised by gwnydolin's vagueness of gender in one of the most vague video games out there is so very fascinating to me. So little is explained in dark souls, why would this be different?
Gwyndolin always talks about himself in male pronouns. Gwyndolin story is about parents forcing their will on their child with no regard to their child.
It's not even remotely vague. He's explicitly and objectively male. The only people who say otherwise are literally pushing an agenda. They try to do the same thing to Astolfo even though he calls himself a man constantly.
He’s a dude.
So basically a god that doesn't know which bathroom to use?
He knows he's male.
What happens if I offer the Blue eye orb



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Avelyn is also very good against him. It fires almost instantly, so plugging him when he's teleporting is pretty easy.


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Oh! I remember him! Aldrich loved him!
You can shoot him from the third pillar with poison arrows and he won't attack back if you can't cach him
i dont care if your a boy! YOUR CLOTHES LOOK FANCY I WANT EM!
I would choose Gwyndolin over his sister Gwynevere anyday <3