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I feel like this page should mention something about the Messengers in Chalice Dungeons that for some reason think it's okay to teleport you INTO harm's way. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and pretend they're just trying to help me gain blood echoes, but LET ME TRAVEL AT MY OWN PACE GOD DAMN!


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Guys, keep this alive:

Easy Layer 1 Chalice Dungeon Messenger Bath

The Bath is in the 1st level's predungeon area with only 1 weak enemy nearby.
Thank you!
Thank you!!! You're very nice!
In the beginning of the game, after you make a contract and have a blood transfusion, you have a nightmare about a beast arising from the blood, the beast approaches and as it reaches out to you in a gesture of wanting you to accept it, it bursts into flames upon touching you. I’m guessing this is a metaphor for you’re immune to the rampant beasthood curse plaguing the town and it’s for this very reason the messagers came for you. They see your immunity as a sign that you’re some sort of super hunter and so brand you with the mark of the hunter. Hence why the doll says soon after, “Ah, you found yourself a hunter.” In consequence, you’re robbed of your memories and somehow infused with fighting skills...or maybe you always had them? Clearly you’ve been indentured into the dream hunters by the messagers.

It’s really all a hypothesis but it’s how I make sense of it.
I thought the messengers burnt the wolf to crisp.
Stupid little twats they are
Everyone disliked that
How fkn dense do you have to be to call these adorable dudes who will mourn the death of their hunters twats? You seriously don’t deserve messengers.
They need to update the information. nothing from the dlc is on the page
I can't tell if I'm stating the obvious or if this is genuinely something no one else has cared to mention, but don't the Messengers look distinctly Pthumerian? They look like mini-Watchers, though instead of worshiping the Great Ones, they worship the Hunters. That, and their eyes are white--at least on the variants that HAVE eyes...
There are also little messengers in the chalice dungeons that turn on lamps to help you retrace your steps.
they look nothing like the watchers lmao. Body shape and faces 100% different. The only resemblance they share is skin tone
Why doesn't this list them as "sea urchins" as they're listed as this in the games files.
Probablt because the game refers to them as messengers
what funky little dudes! i love them! love makin them wear hats!
I just like to call ‘em my fan club
I love these little guys.