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Did anyone else think of the fume knight short sword when they saw this
Idiot, this was a weapon in Dark Souls 1. It is not a reference to Dark Souls 2, it is a reference to DS1. Dumbass.
Why does everyone resort to insulting others when someone gets something wrong or is simply comparing two weapons that look similar to each other’s?
You're dumb


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Whoever defended this guy, don't bother. People, including myself far too often, will viciously attack someone for one stupid mistake, or something they think is a stupid mistake. Also, it does look kinda similar, but it would be more accurate to say the fume knight sword looks like this weapon.


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Ya'll are rude AF.
My Favorite weapon of the entire series .i didn't understand it in ds2 though .it looked different and needed faith to equip and used by sayans for some reason
ds2 was a mistake
Instead of a poise-up wa, it would be great if it had a wa to temporaly use this sword as a straight sword, just like the black knights use it
9 downvotes who don't know how to parry 8)
git gud noob
Holy *****ing***** man no lol
That thingy and high stability shield makes Twin demons in "The Ringed City" DLC almost as easy as Iudex Gundyr. With +20% DMG to demons lower weight and stamina consumption then BUGS it is probably the best weapon for demon infested DLC.
I’m not a skilled player, just went through NG+ with a lothric knight chaos sword and I came back to this incredible BKGS to get rid of the hardest bosses in the game IMO (lorian/lothric, gael, souls of cinder) !! Awesome weapon
souls of cinder for me was as easy as gundyr, i did him first try.



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Cut them some slack, some AI's are a lot meaner than others. My champion gundyr was a charge -attack, combo spamming ***hole on my dex build, but was overly passive on all of my strength builds
So...uhh the Black Knights actually a greatsword…… and the Black Knights actually a ultra greatsword...I really do see flawless logic here:P


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At least the names are correct, in the german version of Dark Souls 1 the Sword was called Great Sword and the Great Sword was called Dragonslayer.
The black knights are massive. This sword is like a straight sword to them, and the ultra is like a standard greatsword
The black knight ultra greatsword would require 99 str then
Most of Gwynn's knights were/are taller and larger than humans, so weapons designed for them are outsized for human use -- thus a weapon that's effectively a longsword for one of Gwynn's knights becomes a greatsword for a human, and a greatsword becomes an ultra greatsword. Humans are descended from the Furtive Pygmy. Gwynn and his 'divine' followers are generally taller and larger than the Pygmy's descendents. The race of Gwynn, his family, and his knights is never explicitly labeled in the trilogy, but it is clearly stated at points that the 'divine' knights like Artorias are NOT human and NOT descended from the Pygmy that found the Dark Soul. Hth.
The german name is especially wrong since the silver knights were the ones who fought dragons, not the black knights.
Casual using this weapon: Ugh, it's so bad and it's not a sword! Please nerf this greatsword! Me, an intellectual: L2 + Attacking = Gg too easy.
Bruh did you forget the the claymore when fully upgraded and infused with a raw gem, it’s physical damage is 374
Lol did you call yourself an intellectual, you sound stuck up and full of yourself



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Just shut the ***** up you teenage toxic*****
@anon from 2/10/19: "me, an intellectual" is a meme format.
@TheDeadman lol you just lit into some anon, and hes the toxic one
This has to be the most toxic thread ive seen in a while lol
All love my bbys
Oh, perseverance? -blocks first hit and parries-
Oh, parrying? -r1, jump attack-
Oh, a jump attack? -strafe and backstab-
Where did the Black Knight touch you?
Oh a parry? Backstab.
Are you losers RPing a duel?
How bout r2?
That sure is a nice pair of Ringed Knight ultra greatswords you got there. It would sure be a shame if I pushed L2 and completely shut your meme weapon down.
Meta. Meta weapon. Not meme.
Sure I guess you can say its meta until based perseverance comes out and*****s all over it.