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This guide lacks important details, right? Anyone found a more complete guide?
In a way to Heirs Ending can i restore Eos vestiges ?
Perhaps 3 of them, but 4 of them are uncollectable on a Heirs run (memories for a Successor MUST be restored for an Eos Vestige)
I'm pretty sure that's a lie. That blonde kid straight up turned to dust and i still got the crystal thingy. Kid was just like Tom Holland Spider-Man, he wanted to save the day, but got turned to dust.
im honestly kinda disappointed in the Heirs ending. i was hoping for at least a decent ending cutscene where they deal with you. instead, you just... stand there. menacingly. then die. cmon mang.
or we could've actually killed everyone and caused pure armageddon, like the god we've become
To get both versions of the dweller in the dark ending in a single playthrough can you restore all but one of the Eos vestiges or do you have to not restore a single one until you load the save before the boss fight?
All but one is fine.
If you, for whatever reason, no clip through the game with the intention of getting the additional Io scene: You mustn't skip Queen's Knight Reborn. Otherwise you won't get it even with all the restored Eos vestiges.
But what happens if I don't save all of them. What happens if I forget just one.
Then you get the To Eternity ending. Did you even read the walkthroughs?
Does the "To Eternity" ending have a blood code?
Nothing besides Hades
Quite important correction, is not true that the game only has 3 endings there are four of theme, dwellers have two versions.... T_T can you *****ing believe it
Okay right at the top it says following this guide will get you the determiner of fate trophy. That is an utter lie there is a worthless fourth ending that i have to play the game for a fourth time to get now because you neglected to mention it. Thanks for literally nothing
They copy and pasted the endings from some other websites. Only reason I know this is it word for word and they posted at least a day or so prior.
They copied and pasted this word for word off a couple of sites that posted before.