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Fatal Surge with Jack and then use Final Journey, should be able to take him down before he even gets to second phase
Everyone talking about how easy this boss is, I don't agree whatsoever. Idk if I'm too low level but using Queenslayer + Blazing Claw +10, Noble Silver and I'm struggling so bad. He is harder than Canoneer and Blade Bearer imo...
I agree,Cannoneer and Blade Bearer took me 5-6 tries but this guy took me almost 40 minutes and 20 tries,I don't want to imagine what he will become in NG+.
Really? Compared to seemingly coordinated and concentrated attacks from BB&C or endless combo spam of Gilded Hunter, he may as well not be a boss.
anon saying bb&c are coordinated.... have you tried to kill the knight lady first? the cannoneer doesn't do*****. also mido is a glitched spamjmy piece of***** on par with the gilded*****head.
Sounds like you're on the stunner build. I have a similar build and died a few times. He's immune to stun apparently. Switch up and just smash hum with heavy damage.
His ability to one-shot most mid builds with attacks almost impossible to foretell does not equate to 'easy'. It's rather silly. However, if you stack on the heavier side, possibly with better blood resistance too, he can become 'easy'. I cannot stand Mido as a boss. He will frustrate most of my preferred builds. Honestly, he is my least favorite in the entire game.
Funny enough, BB&C took me one try, but Mido somehow gave me a harder time. LMFAO
i was a mage Fighting him
didn't even know that i would battle him already after the two bosses. so i was caught offguard when the fight initiated only buff i did midfght was fatal surge and hit him with my obliterator axe non stop. he died like a noob on my first try
I wonder what his original relic was. I guess he had so many in the end it didn’t matter. Still a weak nerd boi, though.
His original was the claw before he gave it to Emily. The ones he stole he kept in his lost
The only boss that gives me trouble with enhanced difficulty. Seriously in NG+5 and enhanced difficulty this guy basically walls me off For some reason I can never predict when he's going to attack next after a combo he likes to hold his sword in place for a second and I have to guess
I actually surprised when i got bladebearer, canoneer and mido in one try feels like OP LOL (Tbh I'm not good at dodging either guardinh him so i consider this as lucky shoot lol) My setup is: night claw veil, final journey, cleansing light, dancing blaze and inhibit removal And yas, yakumo lol I activate final journey n cleansing light first while dancing blaze and the removal can do the rest. While mido get staggered, use regen/charge stamina/attack him so u can spam dancing blaze like hell u lucky enough u eventually able to hit the skull king with this build, but still depends on the NPC