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Can some one give me a great sword
great swords are pretty common. . .
***** off
Still want that greatsword?
Just get the claymore by the Dragon.
How can you get 5 dark spirits to join? I can only get 2
Help pls
Bro you've killed the boss of the area, which only allows you to summon 2 dark spirits
I for one am tired of everyone that summons me using this stupid finger only to get two phantoms and then getting invaded 5-8 times in a row, please PLEASE don't forget that you get invaded easier using it! I only have at most half the estus you have and I am NOT ready to fight through every invader on the planet.
You get estus back when an invader is defeated. The idea is you use this to gang up on an invader and kill him quick enough to not lose more than one estus= unlimited fun
***** this item. ***** gank squads. ***** fight clubs.



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Just do it like me.

Make a twink and troll noobs. Something like this
I’ll prescribe you some “Git Gud”
Git Gud fajjet
I cannot buy this item, it shows up as out of stock at the handmaiden and I have not previously purchased it, has anyone else experienced this glitch?
is this item reusable
you can actually have 3 phantoms 2 bluies + a host = 6v2. math.
Only the manliest of men can use the fingers in the crucifixion woods and clear the area. Way of the blue is acceptable for this challenge
The manliest man is the invader that kills all ya'll
I had done that before.
Does this have any effect on my summon sign? Does it allow me to be summoned by a greater range of users?
No only that people with 2 phantoms can summon you
It *seems* like when I use the fingers after putting my sign down I get summoned quicker. But it may just be a coincidence and I don't know how to test that more scientifically