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Extendo-grip using ***, cripple ***, circle horn ***, wall-ignoring ***, lightning throwing *** B I T C H
Lost my***** at this comment. Accurate AF
You see C&H I see


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So it isn't mentioned but the high tier ones (Anor Londo, Lost Izalith and the 2nd two Sen's Fortress hidden out of sight in the side room) can also stab you with their tail during a right to left horizontal sweep. There lowest damage attack but enough to make a right left or even right sweep fatal as the tail stab will not knock you aside.
This cocksucker is the single most broken enemy in this game. This whole game doesnt get me mad because everytime i die, i die because of my own stupidity. This cocksucker does _not_ give a***** about the rules. Walls? Nah bro. Gonna dodge? Nah bro, i'll just legbug you straight to my spear. Gonna hug my armpit? Nah bro, got my twinbro just there, hes gonna bro-zap your ***. Gonna try ultra-heavy armor? Does not work bro >:D. Dont even get me started with the one at Anor Londo castle closet. That***** is so badly designed its seriously hilarious.
Just because you suck **** at the game doesn't mean it's broken, *****ing git gud seriously
The one in the Catacombs is much worse. Me being obsessive refuses to go through an area without killing the optional guys. My lord was he a pain...
Lmao your comment made me laugh. This enemy is *****ed
I personally hate the ones in Sen's Fortress more on virtue of there being 4 of them (and two in the very same "room"). I always struggle with these metal turds, but they're not insurmountable. Still, when you put one RIGHT ATOUNF THE FUC*KING CORNER that doesn't follow you and jumps the moment you stay half a second in front of it and ANOTHER F*CKING ONE right behind the first metal cripple that likes zippy zapping you just because he thinks your day isn't sh*tty enough, well, forgive me if my ulcer isn't bleeding enough.
To the person who said "Get f***ing good seriously", I'd love to see you try rolling its jump and slam attacks without getting hit by the stupidly lingering hitbox that was poorly programmed in. You can dodge it as perfectly (AKA last second) as possible and it'll still hit you because it*****box lasts longer than your i-frames do.
This bastard is programmed like a dark souls 2 enemy, it's bull****
At the ones complaining here about lingering hitboxes ...... dodging without getting dmg is totally possible but I guess you all just dodge incredible wrong. Dodge behind the enemy, into/around his open side or through the attack. Dont doging like that is the reason you always get hit. Nothing more and nothing less. .... These are some basic dodging rules and people still rather complain then use their brains. Its like dodging backwards to Artorias thrust attack. Totally your own fault.
To Mr. "Nothing more and nothing less above me", the people here are talking about the jump attacks you condescending *******. You expect people to dodge into a jump attack, huh? What are we gonna do, dodge UP? What kind of crapsack talks to random people on a wiki saying sh!t like, 'totally your own fault', or, 'complain rather than use your brains'. We cant use our mind power to shorten the duration of three hitboxes to a realistic extent. Go to hell.
For lost Izalith, Just use the ring of fog, you can get really close and use soul arrows. The titanite demon will turn around, but he can’t see you


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So I'm not the only one that hate this guy the most... F*king broken enemy.
Sometimes it will try to jump you and even though you dodged that perfectly it'll still one shot your ***.
One of the truly unfair enemies.
Why are they unfair? As long you dont fight them with a level 20 or lower character and a unupgraded standard-knife they are not hard. Ok you need to use your dodge-button and be able to time it semi-right (which isnt hard by any means), then they take a bit of time (maybe 1 or 2 minutes) at the absolute most.
I don’t think their truly unfair but there’s little to justify some of the hitboxes on certain attacks especially the jump.
It's possible for their plunging attack to hit you twice, it happened to me in anor londo and it one shot me at full health.
It's quite common for the jumping attack to do that, actually. At least in my experience.
Thats because the body, staff and possibly the tail all have seperate, lingering, bullsh!t hitboxes.
Charges and shoots lightning and is weak to lightning.... Okay...?
Yeah so weird, right?



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it's made of metal. it conducts electricity.
Ironic, isn't it?



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@Alpan88 They're made of titanite, not metal. titanite. Demons. titanite Demons.
Yeah but a magic user who uses crown of dusk is weak to magic so it’s not too uncommon
I heard from fightin cowboy that everytime you kill one of this deamons, the next you are facing will be atronger than the one u killed. Is that true? Or just some are more resistant and others less??



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no, it's not true. They get progessrively harder the further into the game you progress, but killing one doesn't change the health/resistances of the others (in the wiki article there is a table with their respective health values)
To person commenting saying they rise by further areas not by how many you kill, then how come I killed a couple quickly in The Pit in Sen's Fortress and then the 3rd in the pit had way more HP? They were all in same area.