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Extendo-grip using ***, cripple ***, circle horn ***, wall-ignoring ***, lightning throwing *** B I T C H


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So it isn't mentioned but the high tier ones (Anor Londo, Lost Izalith and the 2nd two Sen's Fortress hidden out of sight in the side room) can also stab you with their tail during a right to left horizontal sweep. There lowest damage attack but enough to make a right left or even right sweep fatal as the tail stab will not knock you aside.
This cocksucker is the single most broken enemy in this game. This whole game doesnt get me mad because everytime i die, i die because of my own stupidity. This cocksucker does _not_ give a***** about the rules. Walls? Nah bro. Gonna dodge? Nah bro, i'll just legbug you straight to my spear. Gonna hug my armpit? Nah bro, got my twinbro just there, hes gonna bro-zap your ***. Gonna try ultra-heavy armor? Does not work bro >:D. Dont even get me started with the one at Anor Londo castle closet. That***** is so badly designed its seriously hilarious.
Just because you suck **** at the game doesn't mean it's broken, *****ing git gud seriously
For lost Izalith, Just use the ring of fog, you can get really close and use soul arrows. The titanite demon will turn around, but he can’t see you


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So I'm not the only one that hate this guy the most... F*king broken enemy.