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You only gain two insight for killing it, not 3.
On NG in Old Yharnam
Check out Beyoncé's guide to the Blood Starved Beast on YT ;o)
Late to the game, but jist went against this dillhole on the lost Loran lvl 2. Kudos to the cats for the circle left strategy. Maybe used three potions tops and no antidotes, just keep circling left and or dodge left on his swing then wail away. With a lvl 9 hunternaxe (2h form), lvl 102 with 42 into vit and 50 into str. 26 endurance. Circle left made this fight cale, way easier than the other two times.
Or you know just throw pungent blood coctails since its a beast it will be lured to them
Will killing this boss anger Djura at all?
It's one of the steps to befriend him actually
It literally looks like a used menstrual pad that has arms and legs. Plus it is indicated that it is a female. God damn it from soft how do you get these ideas


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I don't think you've ever seen a used menstrual pad


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REALLY Just DODGE TO THE LEFT. Keep in front of It, always walking left, If it does anything, dodge to the left. This makes the boss from hard to stupid easy.
Parrying will kill this boss fast, but it's not always reliable as the flaps of skin are really good at covering up its moves
"Note that Alfred is not available as a summon if you have already defeated Vicar Amelia" this is false
So, I just fought the Blood-Starved Beast in the Lorian chalice dungeon, and I noticed something strange. When it was approximately below 20% health, it seems like a forth phase started, because it screamed more, and my slow poisoning gauge was rising even when I was not that close to it.
It starts to spray poison when it does that scream. It has long range, and it seems to have to "re-apply" the poison spewing ability by backing off and screeching. I noticed that behaviour a few times as I only recently fought it with a severely underleveled character. Long fight. Thank the moon for fire gems