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At which point in the game can the celestial be found?



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Celestial Emissary is an optional, nearly end-game boss, and reaching him is a bit cryptic. You need to at least kill Rom to trigger the blood moon and return to Yahar'gul. Upon your re-vist, find the Upper Cathedral Key on the dead Choir member sealed in the cage (there is a cleft in the right wall immediately before the witches in front of the Amygdala that shoots lasers at you; go down that to drop into the cage). Once you have the key, warp to Cathedral Ward lamppost and go through the door on the right and take the lift up to Old Church Workshop (where you probably found the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge much earlier). From there, keep going up and unlock the door with the Upper Cathedral Key. After claiming the Orphanage Key from a Brainsucker there you can open the gate into the garden, where he will await you. He is also the 2nd boss in the Great Isz Chalice (obtained by killing Ebrietas, who you access by breaking the Cathedral window from the garden where you first fought the Emissary).
Take sip of lead elixir and just stand there whacking the dude down


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Good god, I died twice to this guy!! The third time I did it, all I had to do was have his minions chase me up the stairs for the first half, then again the second half, while using Tonitrus. The guy went down like a chump and now I feel like a dumbass XD
Quite thrilling
The reason my bolt weapon is the cane. Not the boss per se, but the Rogers that love to swarm you. Happens in Isz often as well. The cane does good damage with good crowd control, and can outspace anything this boss will throw. I recommend using it even without bolt
I was listening to music and coincidentally The Mob Rules came on when I started this fight
toad lookin àss
You know, he's actually pretty tough until you- oh never mind I accidentally killed him while typing this
Is no one gonna mention the fact that it's an orphanage and it's been shown in Iosefka's clinic that they're humans who were experimented on? We're killing small children people. But what are they gonna do? Tell their parents?