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Actually easy boss. The only reason why it's hard for me is that by the time I reached the 3rd phase I'm mentally drained af...but nope, no pausing in Dark Souls for ye unlike Sekiro.
DeX 43, Int 60, Fth 40, swamp ring, witch ring, bellowing dragoncrest ring, young dragon ring. Use only great deep soul repeatedly in first phase, it'll interrupt her combos, track her ninja *** and usually clip her and bring her out of invisibility as she starts, if you keep up a steady barrage. Keep your distance and keep up the pressure and the phase is easy. Phase 2, sidestep Ariandel when he charges and lob black fire orbs at his side. Just keep an eye on Friede. Phase 3, repeat phase 1, but only fire after her combos. Keep your distance, roll sideways to avoid the frost and flame, and you'll be fine.
Just shoot her with a few arrows. Then when she goes invisible just follow the floating arrows. Actually bows make her a pretty easy fight and a great arrow to the face knocks her on her ***
Most boring fight in a whole series, especially first phase.


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Her two scythes have names btw: Pain and Suffering
Oh wow..
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"Stop nagging and git gud" Sincerly -people who have been playing souls games since 15 years maybe. I mean the boss is not badly designed by any means but it is tough and not all builds have means of countering the invisibility which takes away 1 to 2 estus flasks each time you get hit. Easily burning away at least 4 or 5 of your estus and probably more depending on your dps. Yes phase 2 is boring it's mostly the crit that makes this boss tough to handle with the occasional dodges that catch us off guard. I mean seriously 2v1 are easier than this.
Garbage boss. All the process of "gitting gud" is learning all the moves in all stages + playing super *****ing passive in 3 one with so few openings for counterattack. Until then you got to tear through three painfully tedious stages and waste your time. No skill involved just time consuming garbage fight.
dude she is not that hard... just avoid the attacks like a boss and place yours when the time is right...
you took a borring way to kill the boss and are whining about the boss, you can say this bul*****to literaly every boss ever created
meet "Dorhy's Gnawing" and "Affinity", the two spells that *****ing devastated this thot for me! seriously, those two really make the fight a whole lot more easier: Dorhy's Gnawing will apply bleed by hitting Friede twice, same required to inflict bleed to Ariandel, use it in phase 2 (all in NG stats) affinity works wonders on her due to okay-ish damage, but will still block her invisibility technique and stun her as well! deep souls and great deep souls work in here as well!!
50 shades Friede. Bring me my flail...
This Thot slaughtering me for *****ing 11 hours..finally Beat it at the end..wanna try some dark-faith build later..said can make this fight easier.. The first phase is a giveaway by you can think.."wow..what a lame boss" The second goes like.."***** the Big Black Crow joining the fight..well at least he is really stupid" The last feels like.."***** you *****..i win.."when the ashes are two..a flame alighted"..what..what!!!