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Somehow I've managed to kill him while he was on his way to the final room. I dropped on him after he jumped and then attacked until I ran out of stamina. He panicked and started attacking me as if he was already in phase two. Attacked him two more times and he died.
When he glitches out I'm convinced that it's intentionally left unpatched because he's the craziest mf in the game and would probably try to run into a wall for 4 minutes straight while I pelt him with molotovs
It's Micolas Cage, and he's stealing the declaration of insanity in a new exciting film this summer
Ok, as much of a*****as this guy is, I pity him, as when you kill him, you not only end an entire life's work to find an eldritch truth, all his work and knowledge, all for nothing. To add insult to injury, he will be waking up in a dead body- so he will be dead for good, unable to try again. But, I suppose this same logic can work for everything you kill in bloodborne. You end the lives of countless people, gods, and kin, and one of the best aspects of this game is the mixture of horror and sympathy at what you do, and questioning if it really is the right thing to do. It actually makes you think, and decide for yourself if you are the hero or villain, unlike most other games I have played, which forcefeed you whether or not you are the hero of the story. You just do what a hunter's job is, and aren't explicitly good or bad, just a person doing what they need to do. On one hand, you are saving innocent people from monsters roaming the streets. On the other, you are killing what used to be people, and are still somewhat human, and simply hunting the beasts doesn't solve anything, the scourge still transforms more people than you can kill, the church is still corrupt, and hunters still get drunk on blood.
Buggiest Boss in the game next to Laurence the First spammer his Fists CAN one shot you You can Block The Call from Beyond with the Loch shield(which normally Nullyfies the damage) and the Arcane RES Runes AND Choir set and even then You barely survive What the most annoying part of the second stage is that you have to drop down considering how big his aggro is he will cast a call from beyond before you even drop down and that one bug which causes him to Switch into the second stage without losing health but leaving you locked up in the first stage That Sony Let this bugged piece of ,,game" pass through
Did they patch the cheese? I haven't played in over a year and now I can only hit him twice before he disappears for a little bit.
He teleports after a hit or two during the first phase. Second phase can still be cheesed without having to fight him directly.
lol his A Call Beyond is so easy to dodge. Just dodge forward into it just after it starts to launch and you won't be hit at all. Was able to do it consistently.
Micolash cage.
Tip: augur of Ebrietas actually does more damage if youre just barely within its range which just makes it even more important to get really close to Micolash