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:( no fire
Poise me up babeyyyy
literally btfos the entire second half of the game
It appears that they nerfed it so much because: At the time, it was not only the one of the strongest weapons in the game, it has one of the longest R1 ranges of the UGSs, the highest poise health of the UGSs, can be used as a shield, and it's buff-able. While I personally think they nerfed it too hard, it's undeniable how extremely powerful it was before they nerfed it.
What i dont understans is the fact that ledo s great hamer is superior in EVERY way, and that monster never got nerfed
and yet, literally every straight sword in the game, even the broken straight sword is 30x more useful than this sword pre-patch.
they just hate strength users
This and fire bundles are perfect for my pee pee in toaster build
I figured out a funny cheese way to get this weapon! When you go to fight the black knight near the lava just throw a couple alluring skulls in the lava... he will run into the lava mindlessly swinging at nothing, then he will catch on fire and die!
And then you die trying to get it
No, you can just reload the area. He doesn't respawn and the item will move to his spawn location.
I dunno if anyone is reading this now in 2020 but... The in-game weapon descriptions tells that the damage is standard/thrust. No strike damage.
It's only strike now
made dragonlslayer armor and dancer my ***** with this but shortly after dragonslayer i got merked by a laggy invader feelsbad
When wearing onion armor if you do a jumping attack against someone doing this thing’s fully charged R2 you’ll feel like the philsbury doe boy getting poked in the tummy