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Seems like some fails to fully read the description. This item doesn't remove invaders, but only summoned players (blue or gold). This also allows you to return to your own world if you have been summoned or if you invade another's game. (This is why you can use it when invading as Aldrich Faith.) On console, when using it with only an invading player in your game as the one living, a pop-up appears telling you that there's no player to disconnect. With that said, I have seen plenty of PC videos and post that state that, on PC, people are able to use the BSC to disconnect even invaders. (I also see a lot of comments about it being an hack/mod)
General tip: best used when the people in the world suck, not when they're better than you. Hiding host? Group of dedicated gankers (there to kill phantoms, not clear a level)? Summoned by a useless player? Summoned a useless phantom? That's the use. Please ruin less duels with this because you were outplayed, just take the loss with grace
Hard counter for blues. Enjoy waiting another 20 minutes to gank, blooboi.
You're the kind of person who claims to like the PvP in this dying game but quit out the second things aren't in your favor
^ If I only wanted to fight when things are in my favor I'd just play as a blue spirit.