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My favorite farming place is filianores rest the ringed knight with just ssr+3 and shield of want on regular no you get about 27k souls a minute
"1710 thousand souls" one-thousand, seven hundred and ten thousand? what
Farm the Golden Winged Knights up the elevator from the grand archives bonfire using rapport, with all the usual items on, Mimic head, silver and gold serpent rings, the staff, and the shield of want, they drop like 30000 each and there's 3, so run out onto the roof and then back so 2 fall down in front of you, use rapport on 1, then use rapport on whoever wins the fight and kill them yourself, then just use rapport on the last guy with his back turned, the just backstab them till they die. Rinse and repeat
Ringed City Inner Walls bonfire is the best IMO. I’m using the Symbol of Avarice, Shield of Want and the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +3, Kill all of the mobs (beware of 2 enemies that build up curse, not good bad if you take them out quick) kill the preachers in the building and the two ringed knights and it gives me 150,000 souls
Btw I occasionally use the Hidden Body Spell and the Slumbering Dragon ring for easier backstabs for less risk of a risk
Distant manor bonfire. Killing a sewer centipede gives 990 souls with shield of want + cssr. There are 8 centipedes in sewer. Less risky with slumbering dragon ring. +6 raw dragonslayer axe kills with two swings. Best spot before anor londo and profaned capital imo.
Filianore's rest bonfire: Kill the ringed knight with paired swords takes approcimately 1 min and the same souls as the ascended winged knights. It's pretty equal to the winged knights method unless you can kill him really quick. But he drops chunks and twinklings and scales. Way better than just large shards which if you please as well you can sell them for more souls. I usually use my melee build but maybe try a dark dagger with dark clutch ring the mask that gives dark bonus and hornet ring if you're good at backstabbing he takes about 15 secs. The total run takes about 45-60 secs. Very risky but very rewarding. Though the highest one is definetly at archdragon peak using crystal soul spear.
Respec glitched for 99 Int and went to Lothic Castle bonfire. Used a Sorcerer's Court Staff + 9 in one hand, Scholar's Candlestick in the other. Symbol of Avarice on head. Young Dragon Ring, Bellowing Dragon Ring, Magic Clutch Ring, Covetous Silver Serpent Ring. Aimed a Crystal Soul Spear so it would hit both Lothric Knights near the bonfire, swapping the Scholar's Candlestick to the Shield of Want after the cast. 9,900 souls each time, did it 61 times in 10 minutes for 609,300 souls.
Found a sweet farming spot using toxic and poison mist the 3 winged knights on top of the archives just stand on the terrance below where they stand after you lure them to jump
New method Storyteller staff WA + toxic mist finishes them if you apply both