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Pestilent mist + hidden body + slumbering dragoncrest ring will get the jobs done.
You are a mage right? pffft coward...
New sonic model leaked ;-;
Easy way to kill the first one to get to the road of sacrifices: roll past it, open the door, and get the bonfire. The knight can't follow you past the doors, and you can just hit it, retreat, wait for it to turn around, and repeat.
If you want an honest go of this thing that doesn't involve a specialized tank build and trading, leed the thing upstairs so the walls don't ***** you.
kill the hollow upstairs before you lure the knight out first, the hollow throws undead hunter charms at you if you get hit with one after you kill him than just wait for it to wear off before you attempt to kill the knight
*Jumps instantly behind u* heh, nothing personnel, casual
I dont know why but theyre kinda remind me of General Grievous.
Hello there.
General Kenobi
They have no poise, no hyper armor; Black Knight UGS 3-Hit Wobmo-Combo for furawress bictory and the win. You're welcome.
Wombo-Combo, even.
Ah, yes. Lemme bring the most overpowered weapon in the game for this mob you encounter as early as lvl 20. PiEcE oF CaKe.
The black knight sword (gs not ugs) makes these guys cake too. Just perseverance and take them out np.
The first one can easily be cheesed by making him fall into the elevator shaft
He can easily be cheesed by running by him and opening the door. You're invulnerable while opening the door. Then once you are through, he won't follow you and you can safe kill him from the other side of the door.
You can kill the second one by cheesing it with the dragon fire. Lead it outside, take cover and watch it cook


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Guys, those rings aren't evil! Those knights were like that when I got there!