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Sorry but that’s completely wrong. It causes paralysis. Not thunder blight and it doesn’t do thunder damage. Please don’t misinform people. I would edit it myself but I do not know to do that and don’t wish to mess the page up
I'v never been on this website before but fixed it.
I mean I fixed the Thunderblight vs Paralysis issue on this page.
Whats the "high rank" mean?
Monsters are harder and give better loot
its a difficulty earned at HR 10 after you defeat Zorah Magdaros, it causes monsters to spawn in different areas than they usually would, and causes new monsters to appear along with new Bone's, Armour, Weapons and Minerals.
It's the part of the game where people start comparing it to dark souls



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I have smallest at 926.77 and largest at 1305.91
My Small crown is 926.77 and Largest Gold Crown is 1305.91
Nobody cares about crowns m8


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Shut up about your crown size! Shut up about your crown size!
No one wants to know your crown sizes for monsters, tips would be more helpful
it's such an EZ monster tbh
I swear alone this guy's a pushover, but then he gets the entire red army to show up and it becomes hell just trying to live considering how much he loves chilling in the toxic gas
mine is 8 inch big
what do u mean?